Colours Used
13 Pantones
Print Type
Screen Print


TOOFARGON apparel design


Illustration, TYPOGRAPHY, research

Art Direction:



Limited Colour palette for print


06/07/2021 - 07/05/2021

Application Use




Apparel design is the most ideal way to allow individuals to promote a brand or specific cause. Based on topics that need to be discussed in society Toofargon aims to inform all who dare support the cause or current topic. Apparel is a huge market that young individuals target, typically wanting to contribute to a larger cause. 

Animation Type
Scenes Built
1 Clips
Time Taken
81 Hours


Selling apparel is a daunting task requiring marketing, business, and design to tie together something worth distributing. That's why for this project two Shirts went under development to reach topics currently discussed in society today. These topics include the covid-19 outbreak, prompting people to keep a distance and becoming a multi-planetary species by inhabiting mars, promoting more space exploration.


World Gone Grey is a concept purely based on making mankind a multi-planetary species. Advancement is inevitable, and so is destruction. Currently, our world is in the midst of a space race, pushing countries outside the confines of the earth for material or geological location. Catastrophic events are common within our universe, especially among mankind, and it should be our goal to avoid it. As we know, we are the only species known to have developed a doomsday device. Giving us the ability to erase our progress with the push of a button.

Frames Rendered
60 Frames


We are a brilliant race yet we are vulnerable to many things. Inhabiting Mars will double our chances at survival and ensure our stability on the timeline of mankind. Pushing humanity further while spreading the message that a world we neglect will eventually go grey.