Video Duration
1:38 Minutes
Render Time
1 Days 6 Hours


Project artemis explainer video


Illustration, Animation, Compositing, Folio

Art Direction:

Dezi, William shaw


Synced to Audio, Rocket Research


03/30/2021 - 04/20/2021

Application Use





Academic and scientific studies can be a complex, cumbersome topic to grasp, typically losing the attention of individuals disinterested in the relevant issue. The amount of videos explaining complex subject matter has increased drastically in the past decade, with the climb of social media and video hosting platforms. This creates an immense value for high quality creditable, and informative videos.


Project Artemis is the newest rendition of making humans a multi planet species, doubling our chances and being whipped out due to a catastrophic event, showcasing the steps it takes to get a rocket to the moon. Heavily inspired by Nasa’s “How We Are Going To The Moon” Pilot video, this was my solo artistic rendition of the same concept, showcasing more in depth facts about the segments and statistics of the Orion spacecraft.

Output Quality
Scenes Built
5 Clips
Time Taken
82 Hours


Before creating the content for this explainer video, facts needed to be built and verified to ensure misinformation wasn't spread. We live in a world where information is widely accessible, with most people seeking relatability over rationalism. All statistics were sourced from Nasa in order to achieve accurate information.

Frames Rendered
N / A


To complete this design color correction within Davinci Resolve was also Included, overall ensuring the color palette maintained a fresh vibrant theme in the depth of space.